Recycling & Energy Resources

4040 Civic Center Drive is committed to recycling.  We ask that all tenants separate out the following trash and recyclable items and designate containers for each:

  • Trash– such as plastic bags, chip bags, food, wax paper, and composting
  • Glass/Plastic/Aluminum
  • Paper
  • Cardboard – Please break down large boxes and mark as “trash” so the janitors may dispose of them accordingly.
  • Composting is not yet available for Marin commercial properties – Stay Tuned – more information to come!

If you need additional or special recycling barrels, they can be purchased from the Building Office.  Please call

Hazardous Waste

Tenants must comply with regulations mandating waste disposal and removal practices. Disposal of hazardous waste must follow strict federal, state, and local guidelines.  Please sort waste accordingly.

Janitorial Service

Nightly janitorial services empty all waste containers daily.